Hitting your target doesn't mean being perfect 

This picture you see is a shooting target of mine 

Every year, I must show up at the firearms range and qualify in order to keep my Retired Peace Officers Certification. 

As you can see from this target,....

I wasn't perfect 

This was a 97%....which in my opinion isn't bad. 

Here's the thing......I still pass and I'm qualified, at 97%

Honestly, all I would need is a 70% to pass. 

You don't have to be perfect to hit your target 

The important thing is to even show up in the first place and be aiming at your target, and aiming at the right area. 

Do You Know The Target For Your Business?

As I was completing my qualification, I couldn't help think about how shooting at this target was much like building a business. 

For example, 

Most people understand the goal in shooting at this target is to get as many rounds in the center of the target. 

In Law Enforcement, we are also taught "2 to the body, 1 to the head" ...

we actually have drills where head shots are a part of the score. 

This might be similar to having a specific target market for your business marketing. 
You won't get the same result if you are just spraying rounds at just anything on the target. 

When you know exactly where the people are, or know exactly where the points are, and you are aiming there with the right stuff, you get the points (customers). 

You might not hit the target perfectly day 1 

My first day at the range during the police academy was scary.  I had been shooting before and had fired at a target, but never in this capacity. 

You can only imagine the intensity of training at the firearms range in the academy. 

I wasn't very good intially, but by the time this block of training was done in the academy, I knew what I had to do, I knew where to aim on the target, I practiced, got better and  I was given my expert shooter pin.

Imagine that! 

Building your business is the same way. 

Day one you won't know what you are doing, you might be overwhelmed, lost, and wondering what you are doing. 

Day two gets better, and as you get more one on one and group training and learn how things works, ...

you get better at hitting your target without much effort. 

You become an expert! (or pretty darn close) 

No matter how long you've been in business, or in this case shooting, know your target, know where the best points (customers) are, aim and fire.  

Assess your results and adjust your aim on the target if necessary. 

To Your Success, 

Regina L Floyd

Regina Floyd





I should be working....but I'm not 


I was crying in the park 

In this video I talk about a feeling I had while visiting the park today. 

Honestly, I probably should have been working, but I wasn't it. 

I decided to honor myself and allow myself to slow down, enjoy nature, and just BE. 

Working is over rated anyway, right? 

Check out what happened as I enjoyed this moment of NOT working, and what I found that actually allows me to goof off on a Wednesday at noon. 

I found a way for my business to be working for me even when I'm not. 

Would love to share that with you if you want to know what I found. 



Regina L Floyd

Regina Floyd


What Do You Fear?


Are you allowing that fear to get in your way? 


I share in this video how I became aware of how what I fear might have been getting in the way of what I want. 

Does the Person I want to be Fear the Thing I Fear? 

It was, until, I realized that the person I see myself being in the future is truly who I am today. 

That person IS me, and that person wouldn't allow the Perceived Fear I have now to even her mind. 

What is FEAR? 

F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real, ....

That which I initially fear is really only in my mind after all. 

I encourage you to question if there are any fears getting in the way of what you want to accomplish in your life. 

You ARE amazing, you ARE the person you want to be now...Let that person out now. 

Click here To Find Out How I Overcome Fear In All Things In My Life


Regina L Floyd

Regina Floyd


How Do You Get Inspired? 


I LOVE the feeling of being inspired and enjoy how life and ideas, and everything just flows. 

I enjoy living in that state - it's addicting for me 

How Do YOU get inspired? 

In this video, I talk about a couple of things I've been doing to get or stay inspired. 

For me, getting inspired means tuning in more, slowing down, taking time to breathe and enjoy life instead of "trying" to do everything. 

Being inspired is a more flowing place to live for me and I enjoy it there. 

What do you do to get, be, or stay inspired? 

Leave me a comment and share some ways that you can thinkg of that others may use to be inspired. 





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To Your Success, 

Regina L Floyd

Regina Floyd

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